Parody, Politics, and Paintings: Art and Political Cartooning

Cynthia Pederson [ view artist bio ]

Parody, Politics, and Paintings: Art and Political Cartooning


This workshop centers on political cartoons that use famous art as a means to encourage viewers to think anew. While contemporary cartoons will be used to illustrate how parody and caricature come into play, Cynthia will also include a brief history of political cartooning. As visual allusions to artwork by Grant Wood, Leonardo da Vinci, Auguste Rodin, and others will reveal, this medium of illustrated humor has always relied on "shared culture" to lampoon prominent figures and comment on current events.


To schedule this program please contact us at 816-531-4022 or by email at


Grade Levels: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Fees: $130 each; Minimum of 3 workshops needed for booking / Minimum of 3 day residency

Maximum Audience Size: 30

Availability: Limited; please inquire

Program Length: 45 minutes

Location: At Your School

Teachers' Guide: parody politics and painting art and political car

Requirements: None.

Standards: 1.1 1.1 Knows how a culture's art works and artifacts reflect its values and beliefs.1.2 1.2 Knows how people of the past viewed the events that occurred within their worlds.1.6 1.6 Understands that group and cultural influences contribute to human development, identity, and behavior.4.4 4.4 Knows the ways in which culture influences the perception of places and regions (e.g., religion and other belief systems, language and tradition; perceptions of beautiful or valuable).6.7 6.7 Uses descriptive language that clarifies and enhances ideas.7.1 7.1 Understands the impact of criticism on psychological state, emotional state, habitual behavior, and beliefs.11.1 11.1 Knows how visual, aural, oral and kinetic elements are used in the various art forms.

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