Using the Power of Storytelling to Develop the Imagination

Tracy Milsap (Master Teaching Artist) (Lighton Prize)

Using the Power of Storytelling to Develop the Imagination


This seminar offers strategies for infusing storytelling and creative dramatics into lesson plans and classroom activities. The exercises involve the senses and offer techniques to involve the students as active learners. When students learn to picture setting, imagine character traits, and make connections between story characters' experiences and their own experiences, listening and comprehension skills intensify and their attention span and retention skills increase. Join Tracy Milsap, professional storyteller and story educator for this insightful, innovative and inspiring seminar experience. Tracy Milsap is the founder and president of Story Vision. She is the recipient of the 1991 Missouri Lottery "Real Winner" award and the 1992 Missouri NEA "Horace Mann" Award. Tracy has participated in KCPT's "History Weavers" series.


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Grade Levels: Teachers

Fees: $450 for 3 hour seminar /

Availability: Year-Round, please inquire

Program Length: 3 hours

Location: At Your School

Requirements: To be arranged