Kingdom of One

Erica Baker and Company [ view artist bio ]

Kingdom of One is a story of triumph about a young boy who struggles with social anxiety. Outwardly, he appears quiet and stand-offish, uninterested in the world and those around him. However, he has an incredibly vibrant inner life that he desperately wishes to share with the world! The audience will get to follow him through trials and errors as he searches through his daydreams and stories to find a way to relate to those around him. 


To schedule this program please contact us at 816-531-4022 or email us at



Grade Levels: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Fees: $590 for 1 performance; $1,000 for 2 or more performances on the same day / The break between performances must not exceed 90 minutes to receive the reduced rate.

Maximum Audience Size: 250

Availability: Open availability with enought prior notice

Program Length: 45 minutes

Location: At Your School

Requirements: 30 x 30 space, at least 30 minutes to set up and tear down. 2 small tables for props.


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